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Voice Logging is the practice of recording audio conversations for various purposes like security, verification, transaction authentication, legal requirement, dispute resolution quality assurance, training, performance evaluation etc.

Voice Loggers are voice recording device that intercept and capture audio information from telephones, 2 way radios, microphones etc., and stores the voice files on a computer’s hard drive or removable media. Voice Loggers enable complete or selectively recording of audio conversation, which can be retrieved at a later point of time for analysis.

Features & Benefits

  • Single, Dual and Quadruple logging applications.
  • Multiple Call State Monitoring .
  • True Dual Span Capabilities Customizable.
  • Support Direct Windows WAV Format Data.
  • Voice-Processing Capability: A large selection of voice CODECs for developers.
  • High Density Passive Tap Capabilities Operating between a central office and PBXs.