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This system helps Law Enforcement Agencies to identify suspicious messages and users, read messages of suspected users, track all internet activity of suspected users, trap suspicious voice calls flowing over Internet (VoIP), identify & solve cyber crime.


  • All operations of the system are real time. The traffic is captured, filtered based on defined targets, analyzed and correlated and displayed to the user almost in real time.
  • The product is capable of monitoring traffic at high bandwidth. The base model can handle traffic up to 100 Mbps in real time. With load balancing, the product can scale up to handling 1 Gbps of traffic.
  • The product can monitor widest range of protocols thus ensuring that no traffic of suspected target is missed out.

The protocols supported are

  • Email- SMTP, POP3, IMAP, all web based emails, Chat- IRC, ICQ, Chat rooms, web based chats, Web browsing & posting- HTTP, HTTPS, VOIP- SIP, H 323, MGCP, Newsgroups- NNTP, Web based groups, Radius, FTP, Telnet.
  •  The user can specify targets inside the product. The product automatically scans all Internet traffic flowing through the ISP switch and captures any traffic that contains target information. Even at high bandwidth, there is no limitation on number of targets being monitored simultaneously.