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  • The mobile tracking system is ideal for Police and Defense Organizations for more efficient alternative to GPS trackers and locators.
  • The Mobile tracker and locator system grabs the Mobile phone International Mobile Subscriber Identity, (IMSI) and International Mobile Equipment Identity, (IMEI) of the mobile phones within its reception area.
  • The system works on all GSM Networks of the world. By using a Mobile Finder along with the system, the target mobile phone can be located as close as 5cms by use of compact Log periodic antenna. Alternatively, a body worn antenna can be used to find a target with an accuracy of about 1-2 mtrs in the same plane.
  • The system can be operated using a wireless control and administration unit via Low UHF transmission path. This helps to further operate from safe locations as far as 100mtrs away from the main system.
  • In city conditions a range of 40mtrs to up to 200mtrs have been tested. In Rural areas a range of about 300mtrs to up to 500mtrs can be expected.

The system is compact and can be used in perfectly covert operations hidden in a bag and running on compact Lithium Polymer.