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Oil And Gas

Intrinsically Safe Solution


Multiple kinds of DMR, Tetra and analog I.S. radios meet your all kinds of needs
In oil and gas industry from upstream to downstream, safety is on the top of everything, which is based on ATEX, IECEX, FM and UL913 principle of restricting the electrical energy in hazardous areas. All the radios, audio accessories and third party sensors that integrated within Hytera’s solutions are Intrinsically Safe (IS) certified to meet the basic IS requirement in oil and gas.
Enhanced Safety as You Need
ATEX/IECEX/FM/CSA/UL913 Intrinsic safety Certified radios with the features of GPS, man-down, emergency call and lone work keep your team connected anytime anywhere.
Tough Radios for Tough Jobs
They meet demanding standards: U.S. Military Standards 810 C, D, E, F and G which is the highest American military standard, IP67 for submergibility in water.


Intelligent Communication Platform

Enable intercommunication between radio and different communication systems smooth and reliable.

Hytera intelligent communication platform make intercommunication between DMR, Tetra, MPT-1327, PSTN, GSM, and Email possible and reliable. Video surveillance, RFID tags and remote sensors play very important roles in refinery, Hytera intelligent communication platform can be used to wirelessly enable these monitoring devices for safer production and higher working efficiency.

Integrated communication Platform  
Ensure communication between different networks possible and convenient.

Making communication always easy

With multiple and flexible coverage solutions, there is no blind area including Electromagnetic shielding infrastructure and basement.

Smart work order system

Smart management system helps you in tackleing massive information efficient
Every day, thousands of information come up from various sources such as production equipment, monitoring devices, assets, and supervisors, how to handle so much information efficiently is always being born in mind of managers. To achieve this, Hytera developed this smart work order system to process the information and dispatch work automatically with high efficiency.
Improve efficiency
Employees are connected to the information they need through one radio.

Promote Productivity
To provide your teams with the most timely, accurate and effective massages.

Faster response
Your teams can better coordinate response to their missions and incidents.

Digital Pipeline Solution

Data service integrated in radio network help you to take good care of your pipeline as a part of your body
Digital pipeline solution make your extremely long pipeline as short , remote as near. Hytera wireless radio system not only can provide data service for your monitoring center but also voice service for your front teams. So you can integrate your monitoring network and telecom network in one.
Know it entirely
Make it possible to know what’s happening throughout of the pipeline anytime and anywhere

Operate it easily
Make the pipeline controllable and ensure the most efficient way of on site collaboration
Protect it well
Establish first responder capability to effectively respond to emergencies.

Intelligent Indoor Position Service

Indoor positionging service integrated in radio make your working environment safer
HSE is one of the most important aspects in oil and gas, knowing exactly position and working states of all your staff would be a effective way to improve your level of HSE and working efficiency. Poor indoor GPS signal make it impossible. Based on customers’ indoor position service, Hytera intelligent indoor position service can effectively meet the needs.

  • Workers’ real-time location for better dispatching
  • Providing better safety working environment
  • Online tracking enable to know working state of workers
  • Prevent unauthorized entry into key area
  • Prevent low rating IS radio getting into high rating areas


Advanced Fast Deployment Communication

Enhanced safety and fast deployment solution make communication always available
Smooth communication between front line and control center can always being set up instantly with Hytera advanced digital communication solutions, no matter they are in wild desert or deep sea. All the equipment are easy for transportation and taking along.

  • Fast Deployment and Easy for Transportation
    • All the equipments are small and light, so they can be fast deployed and removed easily. Hytera provide the smallest portable repeater, which can be used to set up a radio network anywhere any time.
  • Digital technology improve your working efficiency greatly
    • Hytera integrated voice and data service let you know all the real time working situation and GPS information of your teams.


Digital Oilfield Solution

Digital Oilfield is one where operators and service companies seek to take advantage of improved data and knowledge management, enhanced analytical tools, real-time systems, and more efficient business processes”
All the production, voice and GPS information are collected by terminals and transferred to application server through network layer. So our solution can let you know all the conditions of frontline and help you in data processing and decision making. To ensure the order from control center be fully executed, our closed loop management system will be very effective.

  • Multiple application to support rapid decision-making
    • With Hytera’s solutions third party buffers and sensors can be integrated to enrich management application for our customer.
  • Voice and data recording
    • All the voice and data information including GPS, SMS, time of power on and off will be recorded and stored in server for possible future investigation
  • Flexible networking solution
    • Hytera will chose and customized design the most suitable and cost effective networking solutions based on DMR or Tetra for our customers based on their own requirements.