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MRT & Railway

Boost Train Running Efficiency


Easy Drivers Burden with Automatic Talk Group Matching, It will Avoid train drivers constantly changing talk group to contact with dispatcher when entry into station. With this function, there’s no more need for driver to select and change the specific group manually, it will automatically switch to the dedicated group intelligently according to the information from ATS.

It significantly saving driver’s time on the operation, and make them focus more on the driving. Drivers could very easily pressing PTT automatically connected to Specific group or Appropriate Dispatcher in OCC .

Boost Operator Efficiency by using fully visual dispatching with Tracking Train position, When unexpected accident comes, operator needs to make fast decision and immediate response to avoid damage and loss.  The real time graphic user interface display on train location, make it easier and save time for operator to implement dispatch on critical services, like broadcast calling , as well as DGNA and message sending .

  • Operator could address train that provides
  • Mouse Click choosing Train Icon block
  • By logical identities like train No. or locomotive No.
  • In a specific group. E.g. all trains in line 1 section 1


Supreme Safe Travelling Experience


Improve safety of passengers
The radio system serves as the communication bridge between the Train , station staff and the OCC, providing the primary voice communication and also could integrating with other sub-system to carry essential services to double keep passenger safety.

With Train-borne interfacing Help Point System, It could be used for passenger to seek immediate assistance during an emergency that allow passenger to be able to talk to operator and also for drivers receive calls from Train Passengers.

In addition, OCC operators could make use of the radio system to trigger display of pre-recorded messages, or remotely send live messages in real time to the PIS system LCD/LED screens inside the train .

For normal train operation, as well as during incident management, The operator make public information broadcast by using PA .

  • Allows selected Radio users to make announcements in the train station predefined zones.
  • Allows operator to use dispatch system for PA to make announcements in Train as well

These important facilities will enable the OCC react promptly and extend timely services to the passengers when need arises.
Guarantee Train routing security
As an integral subsystem for Train operation, the radio communication also Provides lead indicators of potential safety system failures or threats by interfacing with the Train Management System(TIMS) to transfer data via the radio to a central monitoring point. Examples of operating status and alarm information monitored are alert on fire/smoke detection on train, malfunction or failure of important equipment such as signaling, emergency brake, etc. Theses SCADA information will have to be routed to the distant OCC by the radio link in a timely manner for the operator to take the appropriate action.

This trouble-free connection of external applications demonstrates the unique flexibility of our tetra mobile radio system.

Enrich End-User Value

Rely on highly available and reliable radio communication, driverless full automatic operation is reachable that operators from the remotely OCC could attend to calls for assistance from passengers and carry essential service like passengers announcements to the trains,video surveillance monitoring activity happening in the train . These will bring end user more value and reduce error mistake, also could profit from low maintenance cost, the flexible expandability and the high frequency by usage of Hytera radio system.

Furthermore, to provide passengers an increasing comfort and bring more potential business advertisement, the Metro could integrates and extensive passenger information system (e.g. displays inside and outside of the vehicle) with more live content by radio broadband transmitting. All of these applications are bandwidth intensive applications, Need of new technology & more spectrum.