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Public Safety

Field Officer Communication

Everyday thousands of police officers need to response quickly and make many decisions by easy operation when they and their patrol vehicles are out on the streets. An easy-to-use portable device is the best choice.
Various models of radios and accessories meet all kinds of demands from officers of different levels. In the era of big data, officers can access exact and real-time information with their portable devices and coordinate with the team and Command & Control center.

  • Intelligent applications update officers’ real-time position and send emergency information to make them safe.
  • Full product categories support different task forces of public safety.


Fire Alarm Response

In the danger of a fire, firefighters need fast, reliable communications with high-quality audio, better safety devices and real-time video and data to help them quickly and safely complete the mission.
From the fire breakout to the on-site rescue, we offer complete solutions to tackle problems of communications on the go. They keep firefighters informed and safe, while facilitating right decisions from commanders.

  • Intrinsically safe radios effectively protect firefighters. Highly reliable accessories are easy to use so as to realize quick response.
  • Mobile Command & Control center provides real time field information for the commanders to make a right decision.
  • Man-pack video and audio equipments help with setting up a critical surveillance system to ensure timely on-site dispatching.


Intelligent Command & Control Center

Information can be overwhelming. Commanders need a powerful platform that integrates all the useful information to manage multiple agencies and make timely decision. Hytera Public Safety Solution realizes interconnection among wireless communication system, wired communication system, SATCOM system, and video transmission system, etc. Open interfaces are capable of connecting to the existing or customized intelligent application services such as fingerprint identification system, vehicle identification system, etc.

  • Integrate different systems such as call taking and handling, information sharing, visual dispatching and voice recording system, to make quick response.
  • Ensure effective management and quick information collecting when multi-agencies involved.
  • Provide intelligent applications and versatile services, as well as value-added functions based on existing systems with open interface.


Disaster and Emergency Response

Communication disruption usually comes with natural disasters and social unrest, and it makes the situation worse. Task forces need to respond fast and handle it accordingly. It is highly necessary to build a temporary communication system at emergency scene to achieve quick deployment.

Reliable and man-pack communication equipment keep task forces well-informed and agile to potential threats. Hytera Public Safety Solution provides unified on-site dispatching platform that integrates all the information.

  • 5 minutes to deploy on-site Command & Control center without network support.
  • Man-pack and vehicle transmitters are suitable for different scenarios.
  • Multiple communication modules support real-time voice, video and cross-department communication in the field.