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Safe/ Smart City

Smart City Solution

Trinity Smart Cities Framework enables Cities to Build a City Level Digital Platform that can integrate City Data from various connected systems – City Vehicle, Sensors from City Roadside Infrastructure & City Buildings, aggregate, store and analyze the data in a manner that can be easily consumed by City Applications & Citizen. 

Further the Digital Platform serves as a foundation for City Administration to build City Operations Center through which the city Administrators can monitor & operate the various city services Intelligently & efficiently.


The solution includes a state of the art Integrated Command and Control Centre (trinityICCC) where the entire city’s information is collected, viewed and analysed through a City operations center application. The trinityICCC platform serves as a foundation for buliding smart city applications and is a READY-TO-GO platform with pre-integrated applications from Trinity covering – Emergency Response, Solid Waste Collection, Intelligent Transport, Citizen Engagement, Social Analytics, Mobile App for Field Workforce and Citizen Mobile App. 

Also, trinityICCC platform is Pre-Integrated with Eco-system partner applications covering Parking, Lighting, Environment, Traffic Management, City Surveillance, Smart Water and Smart Electricity.