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Civil Aviation

Total airport communication solution


  • Digital trunking system with abundant application services meet the requirement of different tasks in airport and airline companies, like ground operation, maintenance, security and ground service etc.
  • All IP structure to achieve interconnection among multi sites of the same airport or different airports for cross-network communication.
  • Voice Recording System linked with base station. Recorded conversation inquiry to facilitate daily operation supervision and post incident investigation & liability judgment.
  • Flexible grouping and devices management functions for the leasing demands of different airlines.
  • Covert radios are available for security personnel.
  • Various BDA types and indoor coverage solutions to achieve seamless indoor, basement and in-aircraft coverage.
  • PSTN gateway provide a connection for the radio to make a phone call and vice versa.
  • Civil aviation dispatching system help airport and airline companies improve the ground handling work efficiency effectively.


Intelligent Location Service

A simple & easy means of tracking and presenting on a display the deployment of your radio subscriber fleet and emergency status in both indoor and outdoor locations.

  • Scalable solution, from single PC workstation to multiple control room positions
  • Multiple talk group handling, individual calls with audio playback and dispatch functions.
  • Range of radio technologies through repeater direct links or off air decoders
  • Powerful database functions for managing fleets and radio users
  • Deferred and stored actions
  • ARS/RRS and Registration services
  • Status management with personal alarms, stun, revive, microphone open features
  • GPS location services with Locator mapping option
  • Indoor location services with management of beacons and receivers
  • Full range of lone worker safety features and resource management
  • Other radio technologies supported seamlessly
  • Third party application interface


Visualized Ground Handling System

Ground handling workflow management integrated with dispatching system helps dispatcher know the status of each work order and call the right group easily.
Within the dispatcher application, a Gantt chart provides the visualization of each ground handling task process related with a scheduled flight in the airport.
Additional PTT buttons on the right side of Gantt chart help dispatcher call the radios of a specific ground group in charge of this flight.

  • Visualized chart helps dispatcher and administrator monitor ground handling task more instantly
  • Automatic remind dispatcher and ground staff of delayed task
  • Dispatcher can use a visualized map to monitor airport gate status more easily
  • Automatic report of each ground handling task helps administrators track responsibility more efficiently

Ground Handling System Feature List

  • Flight dynamic information notice and accurate push
  • Automatic and manual ground staff assignment
  • Flight gate assignment notice
  • Customized short message notice and query
  • Upload workflow status on portable radio
  • History report query and export
  • Adaptable with ETSI DMR tier 3 trunking system and TETRA system