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Special Equipments


ROAD SAFETY EQUIPMENTS- They include various body protection, eyes and face protection, head protection and traffic safety products are available individually or as a package.

CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION EQUIPMENTS- We offer a package of gloves, pluckers, brushes , magnifying glass, etc for criminal investigation purposes.

RESCUE AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT EQUIPMENTS- Specialized rescue equipments like Atmospheric Water generator, Portable toilets & showers, various rescue jacks, spreaders, tripods, inflatable light towers, dry support bridges, etc are available individually or as a package.

ANTI TERRORISM EQUIPMENTS – These are special types of equipments that include Anti Riot Gear, Full Combat Gear, Tactical Vests,Tactical Flash Lights ,Tactical Gloves,Tactical Ropes, Tactical Knife, Weapon Cases & Slings and Tactical Eye Wear